Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup - Made in the USA
Everything Tastes Better with Anderson's

Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup - Made in the USA

It's not Just for Breakfast

Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup - My Anderson's Maple This might sound like a funny thing to say, because surely Anderson's Maple Syrup can't taste good on everything. This was also our first thought, but we've tried it on foods from all the major food groups - fruits, vegetable, meats, and dairy - It truly does taste great with all of them! Of course Anderson's Maple Syrup is wonderful on the standard breakfast items like pancakes and waffles, but try it on your hot cereal or in your morning coffee for a wonderful surprise. One of our personal favorites is pouring Anderson's Maple Syrup over a mound of vanilla ice cream.

Now that you're thinking beyond the standard breakfast items, think about how you can use it to replace sugars in your cooking and baking. Try using Anderson's Maple Syrup as a glaze on meats and vegetable, especially carrots and sweet potatoes. We think you'll find your imagination is your only limitation and Anderson's Maple Syrup truly does make everything taste better.


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